What I Do

I model, texture and make usable in the 3D softwares Poser and DAZStudio 3D clothing models and objects.

What it is all about:

With the help of the 3D modeling softs DAZ Hexagon and Luxology Modo 401, i create clothing models around a 3D figure.
It means it's a sort of human model and that i imagine and sew (virtually speaking) some clothes for him (or her).
Then i have to give some colors and textures to these virtual clothes. I use for that Headus UVlayout which will give me a 2D pattern of my 3D object. I just have to paint over it in Photoshop with the help of photos, pictures, etc...

After that, the clothing object has to follow other human models body shapes (bigger, thinner... ). It's called morphs. Quite the same system as morphing.

Finally, all of this has to be easy and quick to use for the user. It's the less funny and more tedious task of all this process for me. I have to code the files to make them work automatically in Poser or DAZStudio.